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Raw green vegetable juice can be likened to a living broth. It is teeming with micro nutrients that many people are lacking.


Vegetable juicing is an easy way to virtually guarantee that you will reach your daily target for vegetables in an easily digestible form.


Green Mylk by BodyTonic is simply a combination of green juice and almond milk. The almond milk adds protein and healthy fats to the mix, making the fat-soluble vitamins in the vegetables more easily absorbed by the body, making this drink more satiating than a regular green juice.

Homemade almond milk is low in saturated fats and carbohydrates and is lactose and cholesterol free. It contains all the nutrients of the whole almond and is filled with protein and heart healthy monounsaturated fats and omega fatty acids as well as Vitamins B,D, E and magnesium, potassium and copper.


Our Green Mylk is one of the hottest drinks in Boston according to this recent article in the Improper Bostonian.

Body Tonic was also featured in this article in Boston Magazine.

Naturally we're excited about the press, but the really important thing is that we not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, providing outstanding post-workout nutrition to our community.

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