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You Have 3 Ways to Train:

Group Training


The energy of group fitness combined with the attention of personal training! Rotate between strength and cardio for an all-around burn.

Small Group Training


Want a tighter booty? Shredded shoulders? How about a six-pack? Highly focused small groups of 4 go to town on a muscle group!

Personal Training


What we were founded on! This is fitness at its most, well, personal. Custom regimens and workouts designed just for you and your goals.

What is Group Training all about?

We've combined the attention of a personal trainer with the energy of a group fitness class to create a workout experience that is as effective as it is fun.

Our workouts are tailored to work for all fitness levels, and our video-guided system will keep you from getting lost.

Bounce between strength and cardio training during an intense 24 minutes!

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How Do the Classes Work?

Group Fitness

Jump into a community of people at all levels of fitness. Each person is working at their level, while sharing in the energy of the room.

Strength Training Done Right

Most people don't know how to lift weight properly because they've never been taught! That's where we step in: get coaching from our instructors and follow along with the video screens so you never get lost.

Low-Impact Cardio

Low impact, high intensity workouts ensure that your heart rate reaches fat-burning peaks quickly, and keeps muscles and joints safe from injury.

Video-guided with Coaching

Video-guided workouts rotate monthly and are programmed to ensure proper, safe and effective technique.

What Makes Small Group Training Different?

Speciality training is different by design. Small groups of 2–4 people go to town with the guidance and motivation of our trainers.​

It's like personal training with friends! All the personalized coaching and programming you'd expect from a personal trainer combined with the energy of a group of friends.

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Why Try Personal Training?

It works—period.

With personal training you get tailored attention from a fitness expert who's mission is to get you to reach your goals. Your trainer motivates you, keeps you accountable, and pushes you to challenge your limits and reach new heights.

It's really as good as it sounds. Don't trust us? See for yourself.


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