group training

The energy of group fitness combined with the attention of personal training.

We set out to bring programmed, instructor-delivered workouts to the masses with our group training program. Experience our signature low-impact, high-intensity workouts today!


Real Results From a Real Member

Here's what Huy has to say about BBR:
I have gone from having excess fat at 23.1% body fat in October 2018, to now, December 2019, at 12.4% body fat.
I was used to snoring a lot when I slept because of the excess fat.  My wife wasn't happy about that. I no longer snore now as the excess fat has gone.

I used to have a lot of joint and bone issues that I could not sit in the car driving for more than 15 minutes, but I no longer have the issues.

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Strength Training Done Right

Here's the hard truth: most people don't know how to lift weights properly. Why? Because no one has ever taught them!


That's where we come in. The instructor will coach you through the dumbbell workouts and the video screens will help you maintain proper form.

Pain-Free Cardio

Our unique low-impact cardio machines are easy on the joints and tough on calories, giving you all the gains with none of the pains.

Move beyond treadmills and rowing machines to diverse cardio machines that will test you in new and exciting ways.

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Expert Training and Motivation

Overcome what life threw at you today with a little help from our passionate instructors! We'll help you dig deeper and push through obstacles to reach your fitness goals.

Video-guided Workouts

Our video guided concept provides demonstration of all exercises which allows our instructors to provide even more personal attention.

We rotate our schedule to prevent over-training and educate members on how to strength train properly through visual learning.

Technology-tracked Progress

Using one of our wearables you can now track your heart rate during class.

Your effort is tracked in real time on our video screens, allowing you to see how hard you're working.

After class you'll get a report that shows how much time you spent in each of the heart rate zones. Your goal is to spend as much time in the Burn Flow as possible.

Watch Colton's Transformation


You're the motor. You provide the power to move the machines in our studio, which means you control the intensity of the workout. It's safe and effective for all fitness levels.


Jacobs Ladder

This motor-less ladder workout utilizes low impact, high range of motion to provide an intense total body workout.


The natural vertical climbing motion provides a challenging cardio experience that engages all major muscle groups with zero impact on your joints.

Assault Air Runner

On the Assault Air Runner the user does all the work as their is no motor. The curved surface promotes perfect form and efficient running

Ski Erg

This full­-body, impact­-free workout simulates the poling motions of skiing, and simulates a resistance similar to snow.

Assault Airbike

The Airbike uses air resistance to challenge the biker. The harder you push, pull, and pedal the greater the resistance and intensity.


Since these pieces don't have a motor, they let the user be in complete control of the intensity and challenge of their workout. Thus, our group classes can accommodate all levels of fitness.


Unlike typical cardio equipment  many of our dynamic cardio pieces utilize upper body strength for the aerobic workout to give you a total body workout.

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