3 Reasons Why Most People Don't See Changes When They Workout

By Rich Rowland, Director of Fitness

Let’s start this blog out with a dose of honesty.  With our country’s obesity rate at an all time high, people are not too concerned with what they are putting in their mouth’s on a daily basis. Let’s just be honest and say the majority of us eat like shit.  Let’s also say, on top of that, we don’t move enough and by move enough I mean workout enough.  Those are two major problems, but do they have to be?

Eating food is a necessity, obviously!   This country’s foodie boom is in full effect and going out to eat has become even more popular.  Now more than ever, the availability of food of all sorts is at an all time high.  You can have food any way you want it - delivered, pre-order and pickup, mailed already prepped and ready to cook, dine out, cooked and mailed out weekly, and so on. This is starting to sound like Bubba’s list on the many ways to cook shrimp from the movie "Forrest Gump."  The point is - food is EVERYWHERE. 

Yet, how many of us are calculating our macronutrient breakdown daily?  Or how many of us are prepping all of our meals for the week to ensure we are taking in the proper amount of calories?  The answer is simple, not many of us. So, with an abundance of food and a lack of desire to curb our appetites, why is our diet the first thing many of us try to change?  We all know someone who has “tried” every diet and we all hear about how those diets didn’t work.  News Flash: unless it is some off the wall, eat as much Fluff as you want to lose weight diet (which by the way, I would try because I love Fluff!), the only thing that didn’t work was the person who “tried” it.  Let’s face it, it's difficult to change what you eat, and to sustain long periods of eating really healthy for the average person. That is why there are over 10,000 diet and nutrition books.  They are all hinting towards the same thing.  Stop eating so much.  So why worry about what you are eating if you are also not working out?  No point right?  However, there is one thing you should be focusing all of your effort on and that is working out.  

Today, there are more gyms, training facilities, studios, and places to workout, more so than any other time in the history of the fitness industry.  Guess what?  There has been little to no change in the obesity rate in this country. People are not really changing what they eat.  Thus, the bigger question is - are they working out?  Most people would say yes.  So why no change? 

First, people don’t workout with enough frequency to feel the positive effects that happen to the body both physically and mentally.  The average gym goer checks into the gym around 2 times a week.  So, for five days, who knows what they are doing besides eating?!  Frequency is the first key to success.  The recommendation for exercise frequency from the American College of Sports Medicine is at least 30 minutes of moderate to high intense exercise on MOST, if not ALL days.  I will say it again, ON MOST IF NOT ALL DAYS!  Most people are not close to hitting these recommendations, which is why they don’t see any results.

Second, people don’t really plan their workouts or have an effective program to follow.  You will often notice people wandering around the gym and doing a variety of exercises with very little thought put into each exercise.  Or you will notice they head right to their favorite motorized cardio machine. Having a progressive program to follow that educates you on how to do exercises correctly while keeping you motivated is very important and is also lacking.  Sure, anyone can find a fitness program online, but will you follow it?  Guess why P90x has a huge success rate, but has a very low completion rate?  The reason is it is hard to push yourself day in and day out for extended periods of time while following the same program. 

Lastly, most people don't know how to push themselves to moderate or high intensity levels.  We do what feels comfortable to get a sense of accomplishment.  Let’s be honest, it is typically not fun to feel uncomfortable while working out.  Thus, pushing yourself on your own is a very difficult task.  

I write about these issues because these were some of the many driving forces behind the creation of our BodyBurn class.  Here at BodyBurn By Ray, we created a systematic approach to help people workout more often because our workouts are safe with low impact on the joints, while teaching individuals to achieve high intensity levels beyond what they would typically reach by themselves.  Read my other blog to find out more about the Low Impact High Intensity system we created.  We add in a new designed program every month to starve off boredom and push through plateaus. Our members are absolutely amazed at how well they feel, and how much their body can change just by having more effective workouts more often. 

So you may be asking, why write about all these terrible eating habits and not address any solutions? The answer is simple.  Our system fixes a lot of issues that plague the average gym goer. The answer lies within our workout.  It is safe with zero risk of injury, fun, effective, and allows people to workout everyday.  Plain and simple.  People are not asking us about what to eat, how to eat, and how many calories to eat.  The food choices, and caloric intake have had minimal effect on the results people have been experiencing while coming to BodyBurn on average 4 times a week.  

The point is that this class allows people to enjoy the foods they like.  Our members can indulge when they want to, not deprive themselves of anything and they STILL get leaner, stronger, and healthier in a supportive community that delivers long lasting exercise results.  Come in and check us out!  This time, when you start exercising, you just have to show up and we will do the rest!

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