5 Ways To Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

By Josephine Atluri

With fall well underway and winter quickly approaching, we will have even more excuses to derail our fitness goals.  Don't get caught in this cycle of excuses and failure.  Here are my top five life hacks for staying ahead of those evil excuses so you can maintain your fitness goals:

1. Book classes and/or training sessions ahead of time - If you book things ahead of time and it is already in your calendar, it is much harder to cancel.  Skipping altogether has the consequence of paying for the class or session even if you cancel, so that will give you incentive to stick to your exercise plans.

2. Make plans with a friend - Accountability is huge.  If you make plans to run a race or attend a class with a friend or two, it is much harder to let them down.  We can make a ton of excuses to ourselves for why we can't do that race or class, but if someone is depending on you....well, no one wants to be that lame friend that lets their buddies down.

3. Fit in a mini workout within your day - Okay, let's be real.  There will be days when you just can't fit in that workout because life is complete and utter madness.  I get it.  On those days, multitask.  While you are busy at work or school, plan to do your work while you take a quick walk or go up and down some stairs.  You can take that work call or do a team meeting during a walk or up some stairs.  Plus, you get the added bonus of reducing your stress and refreshing your mind when you take this quick active break.

4. Be realistic - Don't plan to do a workout when you know you will not feel your best.  If you're a morning person, then plan to do that workout before you head out to work.  If you're a night person, then do the opposite.  The point is to give yourself the path to success with the least amount of barriers to the achievement of your goals.

5. Take baby steps - If you are working towards a big goal (weight loss or a big race), create a plan that takes smaller steps towards the bigger goal.  This approach ensures that you will always succeed which in turn means you will stick to your plan and not create excuses.

As you can tell, planning plays a big role in the achievement of goals and the reduction of excuses.  Believe in yourself.  Your determination and hard work is stronger than your excuses when you put your mind to it.

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