5 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude

By Meg Caprio

While working on our own health and fitness goals, it's easy get down on ourselves after a few days of missing a workout or poor nutrition choices. There are so many self help books, memes, motivational quotes, etc. everywhere on social media, but when it comes right down to it, sometimes it's easier said than done. The choice to remain positive regardless of your choices or surroundings can be tough. Here are some ways to stay positive:

1. Surround yourself with positive people! You've heard it before ... misery loves company. Well, the same is true for positivity. People who want to help you reach your goals or are happy for you are good to keep close.

2. You can make the decision to see the silver lining in anything. Your response (or lack there of) can lead your energy in a positive direction instead of into a hole of drama.

3. Reflect on your progress and keep moving forward to your goals. The "progress" won't be this straight line up.  There will be roadblocks. Find your way over, around or through them.

4. When you feel stuck, try different ways to get yourself out of your funk. Music, talking to a friend, getting some sun... anything to change up your current situation and give you a chance to change your thoughts back to positive.

5. Smile. Watch something funny, read a joke, or better yet just look in the mirror at yourself and smile at all you've done and where you will be.

Keep a healthy perspective! And keep working on you!

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