7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out When It’s Insanely Hot Outside

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

By Nancy Chen of Approaching Paleo

It’s summertime, baby! That means longer days, cool drinks, lots of time spent poolside/beachside/lakeside... and crazy hot weather.

When the temperatures are rising, it can be difficult to find the motivation to work out. Here are my tips for getting a good workout in:

1. Work Out at Night or in the Early Morning

Too hot to work out? Yes, if you’re working out in the middle of the day. Use the cooler temperatures at night and in the morning to get your sweat on, before you start to sweat just by existing.

2. Work Out in an Air-Conditioned Gym

This might seem like a big DUH, but it’s not as obvious as it seems. I’m a huge proponent of heated yoga, but if you’re already sensitive to heat, that’s probably not the best idea. Same for working out outside!

3. Make It Quick and Effective

Into long runs or 2-hour gym sessions? Try switching it up this summer if you can’t push yourself to do that type of workout.

You don’t need hours to get your heart rate up and work your muscles. For example, both our 1.0 and 2.0 classes give you an amazing, full-body workout in less than an hour. Train smarter, not harder. In, out, and done!

4. Create a Killer Pump Up Playlist

Music makes a difference. Spend some time making an awesome playlist with your favorite tunes to get you amped up.

Need inspiration? Check out Nancy’s Spotify for workout music, boxing beats, and even yoga sculpt flows.

5. Bring a Friend Along

Use the buddy system! Workouts are more fun with friends anyway.

6. Go for Smoothies Afterward

There’s nothing better than a post-workout smoothie to replenish all those electrolytes you lost while sweating.

We like our smoothies to be balanced with protein and zero added sugar — check out this low-sugar strawberry smoothie recipe for inspiration!

P.S. Our Seaport location will have a juice bar set up so you can have your smoothie waiting for you as soon as you finish class!

7. Stay Active in Other Ways

Have fun! Don’t obsess about working out so much that you lose out on living your life!

Summer does only come around once a year, after all. So enjoy those days by the beach. Maybe your “workout” is swimming in the ocean, hiking with the fam, or walking to the ice cream store... any little movement is beneficial!

For healthy recipes and lifestyle tips, check out Nancy’s blog Approaching Paleo or her instagram @approachingpaleo!

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