Believe In A Better You!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across a post of an actress sharing a motivational message - believe in a better you. She was lamenting that she can vacillate from feeling great about her workout and her body one day and the next day feel horrible about her lack of progress and the lack of change in her body. She also talked about comparing herself to others which would always set herself up for disaster.

This extremely candid post gave me pause as I considered how I could easily relate to what she was saying. During the times when I was my thinnest to my fattest, I consistently had to battle the negative self talk that I feel comes with the territory of being a female. We've seen and read all the articles about women and the fight against unhealthy body images portrayed in today's media. How are we to combat these unrealistic expectations, negative self talk and celebrate our own successes and bodies? As the actress mentioned in her post and as I have done in my own life, the sure fire way to overcome the negativity is to think happy thoughts.

I know. This sounds easier said then done. And it sounds so cliche. However, there is some real power in positive thinking. Plus, there are certainly many studies out there to prove the benefits of happy thoughts. When it comes to keeping yourself motivated to achieve your fitness goals, take your positive thoughts to the next level:

1. Begin by celebrating YOU and all that you have accomplished so far. If you've started to workout, be proud of yourself for taking that first step. Don't focus on the days that you missed or the days when you didn't eat perfectly. Focus on the days that you did get to that Burn class and you chose to eat a salad instead of french fries. Be proud of what your body has done so far and all that it has done for you in the past.

2. Next, only focus on you. Don't compare yourself to others. We are all made differently when it comes to our body types and the ways our bodies lose and gain weight. Nothing will be gained from comparison to others except disappointment.

3. Believe in a better you. You CAN achieve a healthier version of yourself. Believe that you can accomplish your fitness goals. This thought will help you get your foot through the door of the gym. When you set a goal for yourself, try to make smaller, realistic goals that you can attain quicker. Then you can have more achievements and this will drive you to achieve more successes.

As we close out 2016, and begin a new year, take a moment to celebrate all that you've done this past year to live a healthier lifestyle. Then set your mind to achieving more success with your fitness goals in 2017 by believing in YOU!

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