BodybuRn Core Values

By Josephine Atluri

In a few days you will see a beautiful new installation on the back wall of the 1.0 classroom.  

The seven words in black are the core values that the bodybuRn by Ray organization is built upon.  These values (or standard beliefs that we stand for) are the very basis for which we conduct our business, guide our path, and interact with our members.  We employ each of these seven core values in order to achieve our mission of helping our members attain a healthy lifestyle.

PASSION: An intense emotion that compels us into action and gives us energy.  The entire bodybuRn team has a deep passion to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.  We live and breathe everything that we preach to our members because we believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of making healthy fitness and nutrition choices.  We want our members to feel this same passion during their fitness journey because that strong emotion is what will turn one “workout” into a “lifestyle change.”

POSTIVITY: Losing weight or starting a new workout can be synonymous with negativity and failure for so many.  A positive attitude during this journey is key to overcoming the hurdles that come with making lifestyle changes.  A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.  Our entire bodybuRn team weaves positivity into their group classes and personal training so our members feel good about their efforts and continue fighting the good fight for their health.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: The ability to maintain focus to achieve a goal despite difficulty.  Plain and simple - it’s resilience or grit.  Cultivating mental toughness is essential when the road gets hard and your goal seems unattainable.  The bodybuRn team knows firsthand how to develop mental toughness in themselves and in our members and we are constantly motivating ourselves and our community in order to build this grit every day.

COMMUNITY:  We would be nowhere without our amazing group of bodybuRn members.  In fact, the R in the middle of our values is filled with pictures of our members.  Without the people in the R, there would be no R, no bodybuRn by Ray.  The collective group of people that make up our community lies at the very center of our organization.  We place a great importance on each and every member and want to make sure that any new person walking through our doors instantly finds a supportive network of people that share their common desire for a healthy lifestyle.

INNOVATION:  The bodybuRn organization aims to provide our community with the latest and best fitness ideas and training instruction.  We want our members to have access to the freshest methods for weightloss and assessment.  We are constantly investing our time into developing and adjusting our offerings so that our members achieve the transformation that they desire in a safe and effective manner.

TENACITY:  Persistence or determination.  Weight loss, starting a workout regimen, basically any new change in life is flat out stressful.  Quitting when the going gets tough can be so tempting.  That’s where tenacity comes in.  Many times, tenacity is just too hard to rouse on your own.  The bodybuRn team gives everyone in our community that extra support to help maintain that path to success.

TEAMWORK:  Like they all say, there’s no ‘I” in team.  The same goes for the bodybuRn organization.  We work together to make things happen for ourselves, our company and our clients.  Teamwork makes the dream work.

At the base of this image of the bodybuRn community surrounded by our core values, is the motto that we hold dear and embody in all that we do as a company and for our community.  We believe that everyone can achieve their goals.  We also believe that everyone can be strong in whatever way they choose.  And we believe that anyone can belong to our amazing community.  This is bodybuRn by Ray.  It is not just another workout or gym.  It is the new revolutionary way to approach your health that will result in a positive fitness lifestyle.

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