Breathe, Battle, Balance

By Meg Caprio

We all struggle with many priorities in our lives.  Focusing on goals is no easy task. It takes discipline and time to work on each part of your life you deem important.  I tend to want to get too many things done and bite off more than I can chew.  I end up spreading myself too thin and not getting things done properly.   Sometimes I just need to say no.. and that is incredibly difficult for me because I want to make people happy or help.  But saying NO sometimes means saying YES to the other priorities in my life.  I cannot do everything all the time.. and no one can.  I like to stay as calm as possible and BREATHE.  I have learned that multitasking is not the answer for me.  I need to focus on one thing at a time, and simply make a list and set aside the time get my list done. And writing down things for myself no longer makes me feel quite as guilty as it used to. 


This is what I need to do… and it may help you: Make a reasonable daily list, and a weekly list, keep checking items off, and remember life goes on no matter what - so regardless of how well (or terribly) you achieve your goal or finish your task… being frantic and upset won’t help.  I like think of a duck, I may be paddling like hell under the surface, but I’m sure going to hold my head high and enjoy life. So those big ticket items that need to be attended to every day … keep at them. 


And remember its ok to let folks know they are important to you and you care, but other items on your plate may need more immediate attention.  It is certainly ok to put yourself on that list and give yourself time. And not everyone takes care of themself the same way. Find what gives you peace, or excites you happy and do that!

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