Can't Make It To A Burn? Do This Instead.

By James Peleckas

I personally DESPISE cardio! However, I understand its importance. So I get it in no matter what. I prefer bodybuRn due to its format and effectiveness. It never gets boring, there are set class times, there are other people participating (which makes me put in more effort) and IT WORKS!

I will do what works for me. What if you can't make it to a buRn class one day?  Personally, when I can't make it to a buRn, I go with sprinting. There is no excuse to skip a workout unless you don't want the workout. Running is great because you can run anywhere, anytime, for any duration. Running intervals cranks my metabolism and burns fat like I do it, even though I'd rather be lifting lol. I simply sprint for 30 seconds then walk for 30 seconds. I do this for 20-30 minutes. It feels great, I enjoy the elements, and I love the results!  Bottom line - burn the excuses and always get in a workout no matter how short it ends up being.


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