Cheers to 2018!

By Meg Caprio

Here we are! The end of 2017 and ready for a new year. I’m ready. I see no reason to shame folks who use the new year as a time to start fresh or make a change. Clearly we prefer consistency... but if you want a mental ground zero or a day 1, then go for it!

Right here at our UnGym, we have leapt into some newness and change... migrating and evolving into Burnin’ by Ray and opening a new location in the Seaport in spring.

So while consistency can be great, there will always be a time to elevate and grow and therefore change is required. So keep our positive attitude going, encourage that friend to be healthier, plan healthier meals for yourself, or even smaller scale just start in a different block number at 1.0 then your normally do! Try not to hit cruise control through life and your workouts.

We can look to Ray and Rich, who are charging full steam ahead into Boston, and they are moving with determination and confidence into a huge new market. And if you want a smaller scale, look to places in your life that you can change up or take yourself to a new level.

I like to remind people in class to give their body credit, it’s stronger than you think. For example, you might not want to let your chest go down to the floor in those push ups. But if you decide to get all the way down, you can decide to push yourself back up!  Decide and act. And with anything new it may not be smooth sailing but if you really want it, you can make it happen.

So heading into the new year, give yourself some credit and keep charging forward and yes, set a resolution, set a goal and if it is possible, we will be there for you to help get you where you want to be because you have helped US evolve as well ...Vital. Together.

Cheers to 2018!
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