Cool Down With A Spritzer

Lime Mint Spritzer

By Adi Golani

Hot summer days call for long days in the pool, cookouts and refreshing drinks. They go hand in hand. 

But, so often we don't choose water to quench our thirst. Instead, we choose beverages like sodas, juice and other highly sugared, empty calorie drinks. There are so many ways to quench your thirst for something cool that will actually leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Try this refreshing summer drink, mojito flavored drink, easy to make and full of healthy ingredients you can feel good about sipping.

Lime Mint Spritzer

Ingredients - 2 limes, juiced  - 5 large mint leaves - sparkling seltzer water, or more to taste  - ice

Instructions Mix the lime juice with mint leaves. Crush the mint leaves with the back of a spoon. Add ice to the mixture and top the drink off with seltzer water.

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