Do Diets Work?

DIETS? Do they work? I think not

With so many options out there, so many theories, rules, but do diets really work? NOPE!!

A diet is almost a guaranteed fail in my opinion. They cannot be sustained! It's a temporary fix that messes with your mind and for me, doesn't bring me the physical results I'm seeking.

I found a more effective and more enjoyable approach. Eat nutrient dense, unprocessed food and make the right choices 80% of the time. I know I know, it's sounds simple. That's because it is that simple!! 

My guidelines: 

-Eat lots of lean protein (preferably, steak, eggs, chicken, yogurt.)

-Keep the carbs to a minimum. Especially afternoon/evening.

-Don't neglect healthy fats. Fats don't make you fat. 

-Eat as many veggies as possible. I have a little fruit some mornings too.

-Chug water all day. Even if I'm not thirsty I force it down. Then do it again. 

-Workout whenever I can.

-Don't eat anything processed.

-Stay away from sugar.

-Say NO to dough. 

-I always allow my self a couple cheat meals on the weekend. I also don't HAVE to use them.

-I keep the alcohol to a minimum and try to save it for the weekends.

-No late night snacks. No closet snacking.

These are the things I consider when it comes to eating guys. I don't count calories.  There's no set time on when I eat.  I don't waste time measuring and weighing my portions. I'M NOT A ROBOT! We are all human which is why diets are IMPOSSIBLE to stick to. We're not wired to follow such structure in the way we eat. I also enjoy my weekends so I'll let loose sometimes. I don't stress about it. I've learned how to turn the switch back on. I developed a habit. A good habit. A newer, healthier lifestyle. Put a little more thought into what you're doing, make some better choices, change your way of thinking a tiny bit. Try this for a week or two.  You'll create a new habit and it will stick forever.


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