Don’t Forget This On Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

By Josephine Atluri

So you’ve committed to embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey by working out regularly (at BURNIN’ By Ray of course!) and eating cleaner (did you try out #BBRCleanEats yet?  No? Email me about joining!) This is definitely a recipe for success. Yet, you must not forget a critical aspect of your healthy lifestyle journey - getting your mind in shape.  If you don’t factor in your mind/mindset into your plan, then there’s a good chance even the best of intentions can get derailed. Here are some tips on how you can your get your mind in shape:

Before You Start Your Lifestyle Changes

Prior to starting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, it is key to prep your mind with positivity, focus and dedication.  We’ve all heard the saying that a person really needs to want to change in order for it to work. When you’re about to start a new workout regimen and/or eat clean, you’ve got to WANT IT so badly that you’re willing to WORK FOR IT.  All of this comes down to having the right mindset from the jump off.

During the Process

Once you’re deep in the thick of it, you’ll face many ups and downs.  Stalled progress or a bad eating day can negatively affect one’s positivity and motivation.  It is essential during these times to stay strong and remember your goals and all the hard work you’ve already put into the process.  One bad eating day or workout isn’t going to ruin the process, And the stalled progress that your scale is reporting isn’t accurate! That scale isn’t telling you the whole story about fat loss and muscle gain - only the Bod Pod can do that!  Schedule a Bod Pod session during your lifestyle change efforts so you can truly understand how your body is changing. Bottom line, don’t fall prey to the low days. Maintain a positive mindset about yourself and your efforts.

After You’ve Achieved Your Goals

You’ve successfully achieved your fitness goals and are on the path to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for good.  Congratulations! That is no small feat. Yes, you have established good habits for working out and eating right, but this is not the time where the mindset can be dismissed.  One of the biggest problems people face once they have changed their bodies for the better is the battle to keep the fat off and keep the muscles in tact. The fear of returning to one’s former shape is a major concern and can be very stressful.  I’ve experienced it firsthand myself and have spoken to many clients who have the same fear and it can be very overwhelming.

These feelings are valid and you should acknowledge them.  However, you need to address this fear properly with the right mindset.  Remember that it took a lot of work to achieve those goals. As mentioned earlier, one bad day is not the end of the world.  It does not mean you are going to revert to your old body immediately. Be mindful of the actions you take, the choices you make after you’ve had a bad eating day.

Make sure you are not punishing yourself by not eating or working out excessively. Instead, train your mind to recognize these moments and practice a positive mantra to help you bounce back from a misstep.  

As you can see, living a healthy lifestyle is a continuous process of making the right choices, reacting properly to challenges and mistakes, and training the mind to be positive and strong in order to support your overall process.  Every day is a new opportunity to practice and reinforce good behaviors!

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