Fact or Fiction - The Real Deal

By Rich Rowland

We live on the information highway 24/7 and we cannot get enough of it.  I'm talking about the internet and how it is dulling us down as a society.  I have dedicated my career to helping others through exercise and nutrition.  Me, a fitness professional and a damn good one I might add, have fallen victim to the hype and misleading information that comes from big companies and social media stars pushing their agenda wagon all over the internet playground.

We are in constant need for information, but can we really trust what we read on the internet? Here is a piece of advice, believe everything you read on the internet, and don’t believe anything you read on the internet.  It’s about 50 percent truth, and 50 percent of someone trying to sway your opinion or change what you believe in.  So in this month’s blog, I am going to get to the bottom of the most common health “myths" and find out if these are true or not.

1. Juice cleanses detox the body and help you lose toxins.

False.  That job goes to your liver and your liver does a kickass job of eliminating toxins.  So, juice cleanses typically help people lose “weight”, but most of the time it comes with a cost of losing muscle.  

2. Being outside when it is cold will give you a cold.

False.  How many of you can still here your mom say, “Put your coat on, it’s cold out and I don’t want you to catch a cold.”  Being outside in the cold, has proven to be an effective way to boost the immune system.  Being inside where germs get passed more frequently will actually give you a cold.

3. Organic food is better for you.

False.  Even organic food has small amounts of pesticides.  Some organic foods also have naturally occurring pesticides, which in some cases can be more harmful than their chemical counterpart.  The nutritional value is the same for both organic and non-organic foods.

4. Natural sugar is better than processed sugar.

False.  Both of these sugars have the same biological effect on our bodies.  The difference is typically the processed sugars like candy have way more calories per serving.  

There are even more “facts” to check when it comes to investigating the truth behind all these health myths.  Get your facts straight from a reputable source before you go around saying something is better, and know a lot of the hype comes from certain companies, or lobbyists helping to push agendas.

I am now drinking regular juice just to enjoy it.  I am not going to go outside in the cold for fear of getting sick, but because I don’t like to be cold as I get older.  I am eating any vegetable I want.  Period.  Lastly, I am going to try and pass on all the sugars.  

Read.  Eat.  Be Happy.

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