Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail

Why wait until January 1st to make some new resolutions? Lets do it right now! Fall is right around the corner and with new seasons come new goals. The kids are going back to school and daily routines are back in order. Going into fall no matter what this 0.038% of your day will be pivotal to your success inside and outside of the gym and I am going to need you to commit this small percentage to yourself daily.

This goes much further than wanting to see the “scale go down” (which should be in the trash anyway); this is about an overall transformational wellness. At Burnin’ by Ray you aren’t just another number that shows up or doesn’t and we take your money. We want you to go out into life and win while feeling and moving better from the inside out. We do this by providing our members with all the tools of success from our motor-less cardio pieces to our Bod Pod and movement screens. 

How does all of this apply to making some new “Fall Resolutions”? I challenge you to buy a new planner, a journal, and grab an accountability buddy. Just like you would plan to show up to work plan the exact times you’ll be working out for the week. Now it’s integrated into your schedule and you don’t have to wake up wondering if you’re going to do a morning or evening workout to just end up on your couch that evening. A journal to keep your goals in and track progress; making it a place where you keep it real with yourself taking note of the good days where you crushed it on all strength legs to the not so good days where chocolate cake was a must. Last an accountability buddy because everything is better when you have someone to share experiences with and of course someone to hold you accountable to those times you wrote in your planner.  

Yes it feels good to fit into those pants and like what you see in the mirror, but it also feels good to be able to keep up with your kids or bend over to tie your shoe without throwing out your back. This fall is all about planning because fail to plan and plan to fail. Take risks, take things out of your comfort zone, and go win!!


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