Fall Goals

By Meg Caprio

A new month, a new workout, and crisp, fresh air ushers in the season. It's a bit darker in the morning, the leaves will start to change, and pumpkin spice is EVERYWHERE.  I love Fall, football, back to school, jeans and boots, the humidity is gone and people are excited for a change. Summer gets us thinking about swimsuits and getting outside and looking leaner and healthier... The fall is a great time to pick a new challenge or think of a few little goals that will renew your commitment to yourself to be healthier and stronger.

  In my life, I am not constantly in the same condition all year long.  I wouldn't say I struggle, I'd say I roll with the punches of life. Summertime allows me to enjoy my children and family and friends.  When my girls go back to school and back to a routine, I do as well.  I like to make new goals for myself.

  But maybe you weren't motivated to meal plan or make it to BodyBuRn when you were on vacation.... maybe those BBQs had you putting back more beers or burgers than you expected, or that summer night ice cream called out your name more nights than you want to admit!!!

  So I'll share some goals I have, and I hope you can reflect as well. For September,  I'm tightening up my nutrition planning and doing a Spartan Beast (minimum 14 miles) on Mt Killington Ski resort in VT.  For October I plan to continue my better nutrition choices by trying at least 3 new clean eating recipes for my family and also running a Halloween 5k with 2 of my daughters. And November is my birthday month, I plan to continue to improve and learn more about nutrition as well as run the Fenway Spartan Sprint with friends and then celebrate the big 4-0 andThanksgiving.

Make a list! What are your fitness and health goals for the fall of 2017?

September ______________ October ___________ November _______________

 And as part of the BodyBuRn crew - I WANT to help you reach those goals.  Tell us what your goals are and we will do what we can to help!  Even if it's simply to get lower in your squats or have better technique in upper body class exercises. Let us know. Because I'm 100% sure I speak for our whole crew when I say nothing makes us happier than seeing our BBBR family sweat, smile, succeed and of course, get sexy too!


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