Give Your Face Some Love, Too

By Adi Golani

We all know exercise is good for your body, no doubt there.  However, if we don’t take care of our skin while working out, we could be left with a face full of zits caused by clogged pores. There are easy steps you can take to ensure you keep your complexion clear while you keep up with that active lifestyle.

The key is to clean your face both BEFORE and AFTER your workout.

1. Remove your makeup. Start your sweat with a clean face. Use cleansing towelettes, which you can easily store in your gym bag. Don't have one?? No worries, grab one from our BodybuRn toiletries basket in the bathroom.

2. If you're exercising outdoors, SPF is a must. 

3. Wash your face immediately after your workout.  Cleanse and exfoliate your face ASAP post-exercise to remove any buildup of bacteria in the pores. (Again, if you forgot your cleanser, we've got you covered!  Check out the basket.)

4. And while you are working out, be kind to your skin.  Don't rub the towel too roughly against the face.  Your face will thank you for the gentler dabs.

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