Halfway Done with the Transformation Project

By Sarah Begley

I have been doing the Body Burn By Ray 12 week transformation challenge for 8 weeks now and wanted to share my experience thus far..

First, you guys have been so awesome to come up to me and tell me how great I'm doing... You have no idea how motivating that is and how much it means to me. Second, since so many of you have asked me about the program in the middle of a "Switch" or “Rotate”… it's not that easy to explain so here's a glimpse inside the inner-workings of my 12 week transformation:


I'm getting all of my meals via @Preppedgainz and they are insanely delicious. I eat Pancakes, BBQ chicken, teriyaki glazed Salmon, burgers, sirloin steak - BACON! I have NEVER felt depraved and in fact even skipped a few meals. This is a BIG No-No. Like, BIG. You think, 'Skip a meal, loose weight faster' - which is all well and true, but you can also lose muscle and I lost a pound of it my first month. The whole point of doing this 12 week transformation is to build muscle so it continues to burn fat. Eating is important and that was an obstacle I had to work through as I've conditioned myself to be afraid of food.  I believed that eating was fattening. Now I'm learning, eating is fueling; protein builds muscle. And that's all that matters.


When I sat down, wide-eyed, eager to start this program with Rich, Ray and Alaina (Jo may have been dialed in over the phone - can't remember??) We were discussing how the program was going to work. When the topic quickly turned to exercise, I was instructed to workout at least 4 times a week and encouraged to take as many classes as I could. There was some mention of "if I missed a class or missed a certain amount of days...." the challenge was over - Frankly I didn't pay attention to it because the thought of missing any part of this program didn't register. Missing a class, missing a meal, missing an update, missing a blog post, missing a check in... WAS. NOT. AN. OPTION. As a result, I started burning 4-5 times a week (also traveling to Nantucket on weekends and finding workouts while I was on the Island) working my way up to burning 7 days a week.


Now, HERE's a piece of the puzzle I've NEVER had before and what a game changer it is to have a "wellness coach". It is @wellnesswithalaina's job to check in with me pretty much daily, making sure I'm okay, celebrating my successes, empathizing and supporting me when I'm feeling weak and frustrated and cheering me on 100%. Having access to someone who believes in me, is there to explain that this transformation is so much more than physical, I'm learning there's a whole emotional element of how one reacts and adjusts to body changes... and we address that constantly.

Besides going down about a pant size and being able to fit into clothes again... what else has changed???


The food has been great. As I mentioned early, the meals are basically protein and veg (we pretty much removed starchy carbs and added sugars) and they're definitely filling. On another note... I've also gone approximately 50 days without alcohol. And I'm still unsure if that's something I'll go back to.


This is a major accomplishment and one I smile about... because I have gone from absolutely zero strength training and cardio conditioning where I was barely able to get through a 1.0 Burn circuit without being completely winded and breathless... to now incorporating more 2.0 classes ( because I love them.)   And I'm able to see the results.  Now I'm cruising through the 1.0 Burns.  I love it when I get to that "uncomfortable/Hard" stage in the workout because that's when I know my body's changing. AND I CAN SEE IT CHANGE! I'm instantly grabbing a heavier weight and challenging myself to do as many reps as I can. I'm doing them.  I'm holding poses now.  I'm getting through the 40 minutes so much easier than when I first started. And feeling the sweat and the burn has my body buzzing.  It's something I CRAVE now. Also - the crippling soreness I had when I started... goes away. I think people get scared to workout because they'll be too sore.  The MORE you do it, the easier the soreness gets.  So that was fun to figure out the hard way.


And here's where the biggest shift has occurred.... I'm now mindful. I don't think that was something I really paid attention to in my life. I'm learning through meditation and breathing, to control feelings that might have derailed me or compromised my health in the past. I'm practicing self care?! I now look forward to soaking in a lavender epsom salt bath w/ candles before bed vs. drinking an entire bottle of wine and watching RHONY to relax. This mindfulness piece has been pretty critical in my development over the last 8 weeks and has shifted my priorities in my life.

Now I'm staring down the road to the finish line of this transformation piece... I have 4 weeks left to go!! I've been LOVING everyone's support and encouragement. The next 4 weeks are going to be hardcore but knowing my #bodyburnfamily is there to support me is going to be the key to my success. #bbrtransforationteam

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