How To Eat Healthy On Thanksgiving

By Josephine Atluri, Dir Business Operations

It’s the official time to give thanks for all that we have.  However, Thanksgiving festivities doesn’t equate to eating all that we have in front of us!  The next couple of months are jam packed with holidays and parties which does mean there’s an increased amount of social eating.  How to navigate safely around these social gathering landmines? Allow me to share some personal tips that I’ve followed over the years that have proven successful.

Tip #1: Make Healthy Food Options

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, then you have full control of most of the menu!  This is perhaps one of the biggest perks of hosting.  Take advantage of this opportunity by making and/or purchasing items that are healthy.  Make sure to have the following: a salad with a vinaigrette dressing, a crudite platter, a fruit plate, and plenty of sauteed or roasted veggies.  If these items are in abundance in front of you, then you won’t have an excuse to eat the bad things that may also be brought to your home - you know what I’m talking about - creamed veggies and dressings, pies with ice cream, mashed potatoes drenched in sugar and marshmallows.  If you aren’t hosting, then offer to bring one or many of these healthier options so you are guaranteed to have something good to eat.

Tip #2: Don’t Deny Yourself

Okay, let’s get real here for a moment.  It’s Thanksgiving.  It’s a celebration.  As we like to say at BodyBurn by Ray, it’s all about moderation and working hard.  So, don’t deny yourself a small taste or portion of one of your favorite desserts.  And go ahead and have a small portion of that not-so-healthy dish that you equate with Thanksgiving.  Just pick and choose your battles.  Fill up your plate with the greens and veggies and the lean portions of turkey (the white meat) and then add smaller portions of the other stuff.  

Tip #3: Your Best Drink Options

We’re not talking water right now.  Choosing what to drink is another chance to be smart and exercise moderation.  If you like wine, pinot noir is a great choice because it has a high concentration of antioxidants.  Then there are the classic spirits that are low in calorie so long as you mix it with seltzer water and a lime or lemon and not a sugary mixer.  In the end, you just need to weigh your options and decide what is worth eating or drinking.

Tip #4: Sneak in a Workout

On the days when I have to attend a party or social gathering, I try to get in a workout that same day.  Even if it’s a short but intense fifteen minute workout, then at least I feel like I’ve put in some hard work and can enjoy the food that I’m about to eat later on that day.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a time where you are stressing about your food, starving yourself or overeating and then feeling bad about yourself.  It should be a time where you say thank you for many things such as all the amazing things you have done for your health so far and will be doing over at BodyBurn in the coming new year.  Take a moment to enjoy yourself and then attend some BodyBurn classes on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Thanksgiving!


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