Izzy’s Tips for Staying Motivated & Consistent

By Izzy Atkinson

Feeling motivated to reach your health & fitness goals isn’t always easy. If anything, it’s actually quite hard! But after years of staying consistent, I have been able to narrow down what tactics I believe work best to stay motivated, consistent, and excited when it comes to reaching your health & wellness goals.

#1 - Schedule your workout

I can’t stress enough how scheduling my workout into my day has helped me reach my fitness goals and stay consistent over the years. I put my workout into my planner and calendars like I would anything else - a meeting, coffee with a friend, work, etc. This way you are showing yourself that #1 - you can make time for a workout no matter what, and #2 - that it is a priority. 

#2 - Get an accountability buddy

Whether you have a friend who will keep you accountable by working out with you, or finding a group through social media to check-in with, this is a great way to set yourself up for success and meet your goals. If I’m feeling in a rut, I’ll ask a friend to come take a workout class with me so I can’t just back out and skip it.

#3 - Write down your goals

I’m a big believer of putting your goals out into the world and having them be visual. I have been creating vision boards and lists of my goals for the last three years. The purpose of writing down your goals or creating a vision board is so you can wake up everyday and look at them. I keep my vision board above my desk so every day when I am working, I am looking at it and reminding myself of what I want to achieve. 

#4 - Create measurable & attainable goals

When you are setting your goals, pick a few that are measurable so you can track your progress. When I used to compete, I would take pictures of my body every other week so I could track the physical changes in my body. For exercise, I always pick a few different strength training exercises and track my progress over 4-8 weeks to see where I have gotten stronger. 

#5 - Make a great playlist

Music is SO important to me during my workouts. I need music that will channel my energy, motivate me to work harder, and get my adrenaline pumping. Sick of your boring playlists? Follow Burnin’ By Ray on spotify and get pumped up!

#6 - Change your perspective

When I meet a lot of people embarking on a new health & wellness journey, so many people tell me they “hate” their body, so they need to make a change. The biggest change I made over the last few years was learning to love my body instead of hate it, and look at healthy eating and exercise as something I was doing for myself and for my body because I loved it, not because I hated it. I could never stick to a goal of mine because I was always “punishing” my body and was in such a negative state of mind. If you are struggling with this too, shift your mindset and perspective and I guarantee you will feel more motivated and encouraged to workout for the right reasons.

#7 - Be kind to yourself

Didn’t eat well the past few days? Missed your last three workouts? Good news - it’s completely okay! The easiest way to derail your motivation is by beating yourself up for falling off for a few days. You’re only human - give yourself a break and be kind to yourself. It happens to all of us. Just get right back to it the next day.


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