By Josephine Atluri

Another successful month has gone by for the Clean Eats program!  Our dedicated group of participants are feeling fabulous and healthy.  Our BBR Clean Eats group has fully demonstrated how we can be Vital. Together.  Every month our group constantly learns new things about themselves and strategies for achieving their goals and eating healthy.  I’d like to take this time to talk about two topics that came up in our group this past month so you can get a sneak peak at how our accountability group functions in terms of support.  


Everyone is different.  Everyone is driven or motivated by different things.  You should pick a goal that resonates with you and will make you happy and that fits with your lifestyle.  

Examples of goals you can set for yourself:

Fit into an old pair of jeans from when you were a size that you want to return to.Perform a certain exercise that you currently cannot -  2 pull ups, 5 push ups, etcWork towards a fitness event like a 5k or a Spartan raceBe able to eat vegetables at each meal or being able to drink a certain amount of water a dayBy setting a goal in this fashion then you have a greater incentive to achieve your goal versus just looking at a scale and have it not tell you the whole truth.  As we’ve told our community time and again, it’s about fat loss not weight loss.


The summer is full of events from bbqs to weddings to vacations.  We have established before that routines are important when it comes to accomplishing goals.  When you have hiccups in your plan and get thrown off schedule, that’s when people veer off their plans and get derailed from achieving their goals.  However, life has to be lived and we can’t lock ourselves up at home until we get that body toned up because first of all that is absolutely not fun (believe me, I did that years ago and was miserable,)

Secondly, let’s say you did avoid all social engagements for half a year.  Once you emerge from your house looking like J-Lo, how would you know how to function in social settings like your bff’s bridal shower?  Plain and simple, you wouldn’t know how to and chances are you would end up eating things that you weren’t used to and feeling horrible about yourself.  Then begins the downward spiral. No, you need to expose yourself to these situations regularly and practice both the will power AND the ability to employ strategies to maintain healthy eating while allowing for an indulgence now and then.  

Here are some tips for eating while on vacation or attending parties:

Going to a party and it’s potluck? Bring a healthy dish like a crudite platter, a fruit plate, a salad, or some grilled veggies.  This ensures that you will have something healthy to eat at the party.

Before you attend an event and during it: make sure to drink a lot of water.  It will not only hydrate you but keep you on the fuller side preventing you from filling up on the not so healthy choices.

Your party isn’t a potluck?  No worries, eat something healthy beforehand (veggies and a lean protein) so you won’t be hungry at the event.  When you do end up eating at the party, choose items that are grilled, roasted or baked without any dressings on it. Put more veggies on your plate and choose a lean cut of meat like chicken breast or a white fish.

Going away on vacation to someone’s home?  Bring a dish with you that you’ve cooked or bought that follows the same guidelines we’ve laid out above.  This ensures you have one meal that is clean. When you’re at this person’s house, offer to buy some groceries and cook a dish that works with your eating plan so that you eat well and so does everyone else!  Who doesn’t love a guest that contributes? And don’t be afraid to bring some stuff for you to eat during your time there - protein bars, protein powders for shakes, nuts, fruits. There’s nothing wrong with trying to maintain your healthy habits.

Going away to a hotel/resort?  Then count yourself lucky!  There’s no reason you have to eat unhealthy as you’ll have options for clean eating for sure.  Again, follow the same guidelines listed above and you can’t go wrong. Just make sure to limit the cocktails by the pool and at dinner.  If you are going to enjoy a drink, stick to the plain drinks on ice as the mixers and simple syrup is what adds on the unnecessary calories.

Hope you enjoyed some of our lessons learned from this June’s clean eats program!  For even more day to day tips, support and accountability, it’s not too late to join our July group!  Just email me at josephine@burninbyray.com for more information!  Have a wonderful summer.

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