Kellie's Before and After Photo is Worth Far More Than a Thousand Words

Kellie's experience training virtually with Ray has been a truly life-changing experience. The results speak for themselves: her photo isn't worth 1,000 words, it's worth 40 pounds!

We won't get in the way here, we'll just let Kellie speak for herself:

"I’ve been working with Ray virtually for almost 4 months now and with a loss of over 40lbs!

Ray taught me how to make educated decisions with what to eat and did so in a way that was easy to adjust to and worked with my life. Then we added Burnin by Ray workout videos to the routine creating new fitness goals, pushing me to another level.

Working with Ray is truly a lifestyle change! There’s no diet to cheat on because I know the benefits of burning calories and fueling my body in a healthy way. Thank you for being innovative during quarantine, it changed my life!"

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