Meg's Lessons Learned from the Healthy Body Blueprint Food Challenge

By Meg Caprio

Hi all!

Just a quick note about what I learned during the #HBB experience that Ray led for a group of us. 

1. I am terrible about drinking water. I don't like ice cold water either. So I have to plan ahead and fill up a jug the night before to leave out and get to room temperature. And when I sit down to eat, I pour it into a pretty glass for a more pleasant experience. 

2. My love for eggs is rekindled. Rich touched on this subject, too, I believe.  When chicken or steak are getting repetitive ... go for some eggs!!! Hot, fluffy cooked egg whites with ground pepper and steamed cut green beans or zucchini are some faves for me for lunch!

3. I love sweets. (Which is why I needed this break from sugar.) But I started investigating cleaner desserts and sugar alternatives.  Coconut oil and rice malt syrup are game changers.  I also found a great recipe: 2017/05/01/chocolate-peanut- butter-oat-bars/

They came out so good!!!!!! 

We are all working so diligently on our bodies at BBBR, don't forget to work on your bodies from the inside at home, too! Look up a new recipe or ask one of us for an alternative to an indulgence!  Keep it simple and smart.  We can help! 

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