Mobility/Flexibility-What the two terms mean and how we'll get you on the path to optimal wellness!

Mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Flexibility is the ability of your soft issues (muscles) to stretch.

Mobility contributes to movement with full range of motion, including restricted muscle tissue, joints, the joint capsules, motor control, and your soft tissue.  At BBR, we want to make sure you are moving efficiently and to your most potential, that is why we’ve added mobility to the first block of our workout!

In block one, you will alternate between a mobility component and warm-up on our motorless cardio pieces.  As well as incorporating mobility into our workout, we also bring you through a Movement Screen during your strategy session!  

You might be thinking, well, what is a strategy session? A strategy session at Burnin’ By Ray consists of a Bod Pod Assessment, movement screen, V02Max testing and the basics of nutrition alongside your Bod Pod results. Each component of the strategy session is vital to helping you meet your goals, reduce injury and get you on the track for optimal wellness.  

Let’s take a look at the Movement Screen! At BBR, we take you through 4 different screens and take a video of an overhead squat. This allows us to assess your range of motion of both your muscles and joints while determining if you move through life and exercise at full potential.  The 4 different screens are:

  • Hip Mobility 

  • Ankle Mobility

  • Hamstring flexibility

  • Shoulder Mobility/ Back flexibility

Each screen will allow us to see the mobility and flexibility in each area. This will help us determine areas where each individual needs improvement and enable us to prescribe movements for you to do outside of BBR.

If you are following the guidelines we have given you and you are joining us in the studio at least 16 times per month, we promise the next time you go through your movement screen, you will see improvements in your mobility and flexibility!! 

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