Myth Busted

By Rich Rowland

Too often, we have our mindset on topics, issues, or ideas without every really knowing the truth about them.  I can tell you that I have put my foot in my mouth plenty of times because I bought into an idea because my favorite celebrity, doctor on TV, my buddy, or social media personality told me so.  

don’t lie, you have too!

Only to find out, that someone or some company’s agenda was behind the information and clearly created a myth to enhance their desired outcome.  Or, people just lie sometimes to cover for the fact they may not know or only know part of the topic at hand.

Your parents ever told you this one? If you pee in a pool, there is a dye that will turn red and you will be in trouble.


If you swallow your gum it will take years to digest.  Count me in on that one!

I must admit, that I have always had a thing for myths.  A myth by definition is a widely accepted belief or idea that is false.  That sad part is that many of these myths become reality to most people. Mainly because who really has the time to be fact checking so much!

Again, some of these I thought we a reality.

So having said that, I went on a little search to find some myths that I had my doubts about but I was never 100% sure on.   Here are the top myths you should start thinking differently about. And if you already knew these then Kudos to you! Maybe you start your own fact-finding mission after this.  

Taking your vitamins will keep you healthy

Wrong.  Even in theory we all should have been shaking our heads.  One little pill provides us with all the vitamins and minerals we need?  Yet after decades of research, there is no sound evidence that they work!   Go to any store, and I mean almost any store and you can probably find some.  A billion dollar industry with manipulated studies. Save your money.

Everyone should drink eight glasses of water a day

Wrong!  Again, in theory this wouldn’t make sense.  So a seven foot 240 pound man needs 8 glasses of water and so does a 5 foot 120 pound man.  That doesn’t make sense. Not even sure where this came from! Most people should drink when they are thirsty, and try and drink water every time you eat.  This ensures you are staying hydrated. If you workout more often, or if you have specific body fat goals then I would say you need more than the average person.  (little hint: the average person doesn’t workout)

A juice cleanse will detoxify you.

This one I actually never believed but have heard so many people talk about.  This is a load of marketing BS! Your body already cleanses itself through your live, kidneys and GI tract.  So, next time you hear your office buddy say, Bill, Sarah and I are doing a juice cleanse, just point them to this little google machine and watch their reaction.

Muscle weighs more than fat.

Again, never believed this.  It is actually tossed around quite a bit.  Guess what, a pound of fat weighs as much as one pound of dog poop, and one pound of feathers. The statement most people should be saying is that muscle is more dense that fat, and one pound of muscle takes up less space then one pound of fat.  

So there you have some pretty common myths.  BUSTED! Use the information to measure up against your own experiences and beliefs.  Just know, there are sooooo many more that I could write a book. Hmmmm…..

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