No Gym, No Problem, Give your Glutes a Lift

By Adi Golani

Everyone dreams of having a nice backside, or in other words, a tight and shapely butt. Unless you are born with great genetics, you are going to have to do the proper lower body exercises to achieve the look you are longing for. By adding in body weight exercises you can do at home,  you can stimulate your glute muscles and help develop their shape, so you can get a rounder, tighter appearance that isn't simply flab. Al you need is your own body weight and 8 minutes of your time.

I want to share with you my top 8 body weight exercises that will boost your booty. Perform these exercises in a 50/10 format. That means you perform each exercise for 50 seconds, while challenging yourself to hit as many quality reps, then rest 10 seconds before starting the next exercise. Repeat this sequence for all 8 exercises which totals 8 minutes. You can do this routine as many times as you like. 

1. Floor to ceiling squats   2. Single leg hip raise Right  3. Single leg hip raise Left   4. Walking lunges 5. Single leg floor touches Right  6. Single leg floor touches Left 7. Donkey kicks Right  8. Donkey kicks Left


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