Nutrition Vision

By James Peleckas 

At the end of the day, it's calories in versus calories does not lie. However, there are other factors. How do your macros breakdown? What about portion size? What time of the day are you eating certain foods? There are many things to consider, but I like to keep it simple. If it's simple then it's realistic and I know I will stick to it. I'd like to touch upon nutrition labels and what I look for when reading a nutrition label besides calories. 

Sugar: Sugar can help but for the most part, it's the biggest killer. Carbs are the most important thing to consider when trying to gain weight or lose weight. But more specifically, sugar is the first thing I look for on a nutrition label. The closer to 0g, the better. 

Protein: Protein is boss. The more protein the better. I look at this number second to ensure I'm getting plenty of protein and I look for foods where protein yields most, if not all, of the calories. 

Ingredients: Less is more. The less processed, shorter list of ingredients is the better quality food. Look for ingredients you've heard of and ones you can actually pronounce. 

Taste: I love to snack so I need foods that I enjoy without sacrificing the abs. I find protein bars or yogurts that taste good. Eating healthy doesn't have to be torture.  It can be enjoyable and pretty easy if you put a little thought into it. 

Fat: Fat doesn't make you fat. I always choose foods higher in fat than in carbs. Fats are a slow releasing energy source that keeps you going all day. Keep in mind, any given amount of fat yields more than twice as many calories as that of protein or carbs. So watch your portions. Carbs are the killer, not fat. 


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