Portion Police

By James Peleckas

Workouts are major key. Exercise is great for the body, mind and soul. Rest is also essential for well being and a healthy lifestyle. This brings me to the third component. Nutrition.

In my opinion, nutrition is THE most important factor in becoming a better you. It's also the area where most struggle. I know I do. I've broken down my macro nutrients, meal prepped, fasted, and it's extremely effective. I chug water like it it's my job...water is SO KEY! The reality is most people will not do this on a consistent basis, myself included. So when I don't have my meals prepped, when I'm not prepared, when I'm having an "off week" I resort to portion size.

I believe you can eat anything in moderation, I know, so cliche right? But it's science! Calories in versus calories out. So if you're not prepared, at the very least keep your portions small and controlled. Be mindful of how many calories you're consuming. I'm not telling you to go eat McDonald's for lunch everyday but be smart with the options you do have. Then start thinking about a plan for the following week. 

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