Practicing Gratitude

Most of our Belmont family may not know this, but as of September 1, I will be heading into my new role at the Seaport locations BodyTonic bar.  I’ll be missing everyone in Belmont big-time… but will fully expect everyone getting stronger and healthier into the Fall whenever I can sneak into class!

This blog isn’t going to be about BodyTonic, Belmont or Seaport though.  Rather I’m going to talk about how important gratitude is to me.  I try to wake up up every day and think, I really have so much to be thankful for, and not in a superficial way, but in every aspect of my life.  Whenever I feel pressured or overwhelmed, I think, it could be worse, and I’m thankful for what I have and the people in my life. 

Have you ever been completely unmotivated working out?  We all have, and when I’m trying to find that kick, the fire, the motivation, I can always remind myself to appreciate being able to get healthier and stronger amongst friends and peers who want the best for each other. 

And saying the words and behaving in a thankful way is just as important.  When friends and family help me, I want thank them not only by saying thank you, but meaning it, and behaving in a kind and gracious way.  I have learned quite a bit from members and our BBR team.. and I like to show my gratitude in one way by passing along what I learn.  

There are so very many quotes about gratitude, and rightfully so. There really is always something in your life to be thankful for… and by all means, show your appreciation. Sincerely, tell your coworker or friend “thank you” or simply come to class and say ‘thank you’ to your body by keeping it healthy. Turning your thoughts of negativity into appreciation will always get you focused.  

So, thank you to BBR, for my friends and my family in Belmont, for letting me help you appreciate your body and all that it can do.  And thank you for teaching me every day with every single interaction we have in class and out. It also important for me to put into words that through one of the most incredibly sad periods of my life when I lost my dad, it was coming in to be with you all  (and even the quick happy moments and smiles) that kept me going. 

I challenge you to show your appreciation, whether about something or someone in your life. September goals don’t just have to be all about meal prep or body composition, take care  or your heart and your thoughts too.. wellness doesn’t stop with simply the numbered results. So take the extra few seconds to express some sincere gratitude and your results will be a happier heart and some less stressed thoughts.


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