ROWLAND’S RULES: Don’t Forget Your Sups

By Rich Rowland

Being in this industry for almost 20 years, I would like to say I know a few things about fitness and nutrition.  One thing I can say is that supplements do work, and on the contrary, a lot of them simply just are not effective and do not work.  

Rather than bore you with all the nonsense, and the ones that are just a pile of crap, I want to tell you about two great supplements that you should be using in conjunction with proper nutrition.  They are both safe and reasonably priced.

The first is, fish oil.  Fish oil delivers very noticeable results, which include reducing severe depression, increasing omega-3 (the good fats), joint pain reduction, and have a noticeable anti-inflammatory effect on the body.  Recommended doses vary, but taking in at least 6 grams spread out over the day seems to be the most effective.

The second is, Vitamin D.  Vitamin D supplementation can improve mood and provide long-term protection against cognitive decline and bone deterioration.  Studies have also linked Vitamin D to weight loss.  Living in the northeast, we are all well aware of the cold weather, which comes blowing through ever winter and causes us to stay indoors and miss out on the free vitamin D provided by the sun.   Recommended doses vary, but taking in 600 IU’s a day seems to be the consensus.  

Try adding these supplements and see how you feel after a full dose is in your system.  A full dose in my opinion would be staying on it for at least a month straight.  Take care of your body, it’s the only one you get.

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