Simplified Eating

By Ashley Peleckas

Today, let’s just focus on one variable…our diet.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store with a specific shopping list and came home with BOGO 50% off Halloween candy? Are you on a first-name basis with the food delivery driver? These unwarranted calories are the gifts that keep on giving us a 95% diet failure rate. Are you ready to make improvements to your diet and test out a winning strategy? We are going to error proof our concept of dieting by keeping it together with Prepped Gainz.

BodyBuRn by Ray has recently teamed up with Prepped Gainz in an effort to simplify the meal prepping process for our members. Prepped Gainz is a meal delivery service that offers fresh, healthy meals while providing all nutritional facts for each meal. Don’t think, just do... We need to keep in mind that it is not just about exercise.  What we eat plays a big role in contributing to our overall health. By using the meal system, you get all your meals pre-packaged, cooked and ready to eat. Pre-packaged meals will change the way you approach food.  This meal system will prevent slips by reducing the number of steps in the process therefore decreasing the opportunities for errors.

I have always done the grocery shopping and meal prepping for myself, yet I still found myself having trouble staying on track.  Then I started seeing where the errors occurred in my planning. Examples of past mistakes - getting home late one night, being tired and choosing to get take out because it seems easier in the moment or going grocery shopping and buying things I really did not need. Having pre-packaged meals eliminates many of the steps involved thus leading to an error proof method! If you haven’t tried Prepped Gainz yet I would highly recommend it.  Check out this week's menu on our website to see all the delicious options!

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