Squad Goals

By Ashley Peleckas

Having trouble getting or staying motivated to workout? Try finding a workout buddy! From personal experience and those of clients and friends, having a workout partner is a great way to keep yourself on track and to keep things consistent with your workouts. If you have someone counting on you to show up, you are much more likely to be there rather than being on your own and just skipping your workout. Not only does a workout buddy hold you more accountable, it makes the workout that much better.

You're able to talk, laugh and challenge each other to do better and push beyond your comfort zone. For example, I like to incorporate a short run into my routine a few times a week but running is not my favorite thing to do. When I know I have someone else to run with, it makes it that much more enjoyable and I actually look forward to the run. Try finding a workout buddy of your own and plan days to meet at BodyBurn by Ray! 


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