Summer Tips

By Meg Caprio

YES! It is finally summer.  The glorious 2 months we eek out in New England.  No Spring… just Winter then 85 degrees, right?

So with the summer comes, more skin exposed to the sun (wear your SPF!), more BBQs (grab your veggies with your bacon cheeseburger), and yes, a cold beverage….

While we all know to wear SPF year round… take it from the fair freckled mom, use it every day!  Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  Take care of it.  Hydrate, protect and cleanse.  What are your favorite summer go-to brands and regimen? I like to use Alastin Hydratint Pro Mineral Board Spectrum SPF 36 for every day moisturizer and Tarte’s Rainforest of the SeaDeep Dive cleanser.  My eyes are super sensitive and I will put my kids silly sunglasses on if I can’t find mine.  I have a freckle on the back of my eye that I get checked and measured every year.  And keep drinking your water! 

Then there is that bacon cheeseburger or margarita that might be calling your name or maybe you’re at a friends and they hand you a plate..…  and one night at a Sox game with Bud Lights and Street Meat won’t put 25 lbs of fat on you.. but keep it reigned in!  If you know you have tons of nights out, plan what you can!  If there are grilled veggies as an option, load up! And skip the frozen drinks.. first of all they are generally gross in my opinion, maybe go with a Gin or Vodka drink. (Notice that was SINGULAR…  ) Prioritize people!… wedding in Newport? Sure. Grab a few bubblies… your bff’s deck for the 3rd night in a row? maybe skip a drinking night… 

Lastly, if you are not travelling and are able to stick to a schedule, GET into CLASS! We are with you! Not every day is a party day or a beach day. If you are working 5 days a week, get yourself into class, too.  Stay as consistent as possible.  We have so many times offered and want to keep you looking healthy and amazing in your bikinis and shorts.  Freestyles, 1.0 and 2.0… we’ve got so many times and options now.  And while Seaport may be opening, and you may see lots of hype for the new addition,  we are still here for our Belmont original family.  

Cheers to Summer!

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