The Benefits of Foam Rolling

If you’ve attended a Burnin class recently, then you will be aware of the change in class format. Starting this month in September we incorporated foam rolling into each workout! Whenever we design these workouts we only incorporate things we know are effective, so when we added foam rolling into the mix, you better believe there is good reason. But why foam rolling? What is it for? How does it help and why is it incorporated in classes? I have heard these questions come up and I am going to address them in this weeks blog.

Using the foam roller at Burning By Ray

Foam rolling is the process of using a cylindrical roller to apply pressure to body tissue. The reason people do this is due to the numerous benefits that it can provide when it comes to keeping your body running optimally. Foam rolling increases blood flow to the tissue that is being worked, improving the bodies circulation. Improvement in circulation is important because the added blood flow can actually repair muscle Fascia. Muscle Fascia is the connective tissue that is attached to the muscle. This can be damaged when working out and it is essential to work this connective tissue to help repair and keep the muscle working properly.

Foam rolling can also increase your muscles flexibility. How foam rolling does this is by a process called myofascial release. Myofascial release is the manipulation of muscle fascia to release tension caused by things like trauma, inflammation, and your bodies posture. This will result in better movement patterns due to the muscles being loose.

These are all reasons why we incorporated foam rolling into our workouts. It is extremely important to move without discomfort and to be the healthiest version of yourself. All of the positive effects of foam rolling lead to a reduced risk of injury which keep your body healthy and moving towards whatever goal you have. 

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