The Importance of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Have you heard of the mind-body-spirit connection? 

This connection is about how our thoughts, our physical self, and emotions are all in tune with one another. The thoughts we create in our mind will affect our physical well-being. The way we look after our physical body will determine our emotional (spiritual) well-being.

As you can see, there is a constant domino affect going on. What we think, we then process through physical reactions, and then feel on an emotional level.

For example, think of a time you made a major mistake at work. You likely started to think negative thoughts about how you are bad at your job and don't deserve it. As a result of your negative thoughts, you may have started to sweat, have stomach pains, or get a headache. Then, you send yourself into a negative spiral of sad emotions.


You just gave a presentation to a large group and got a standing ovation for how awesome it was. You start to think to yourself "I'm a badass! Look how smart I am. I crushed that presentation!". Then, you start to feel more pep in your step, more confident as you walk, and have more energy. Your emotions are soaring through the roof with happiness, excitement, and pride.

As you can see from these examples, the mind-body-spirit connection is so important because it's constantly affecting how we think, react, and feel.

The reason I'm writing about this connection is because it plays a vital role when it comes to achieving optimal wellness and crushing your goals (both physical and non-physical).

We always think we need to train our bodies to love working out or eating well, when in reality, we need to train our minds and our thoughts first. I always say in my classes "mind over matter" or "the body achieves what the mind believes" because it is true. Whatever mindset or thoughts we have about something are going to dictate how we physically and emotionally respond.

So next time you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about getting your sweat on, or eating more protein that week, or leading a difficult presentation at work, try to change your mindset so you can start to crush your goals - whatever they may be!

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