The Skill Mill – Why This Piece Of Equipment Should Be Staple In Your Routine!

By Rich Rowland

The new trend among fitness equipment providers is to make more unique pieces that do not require a motor.  Many of these pieces are designed with safety and plenty of variations in mind, as well as increasing their “going green” footprint.  If you are in the business of helping people, and own a studio or classic gym then you have to be excited about equipment that requires zero electricity.  

The Skill Mill is the first motor-less hybrid treadmill to hit mainstream fitness with the intention to improve power, speed, stamina, and agility all while keeping the impact on the joints to a minimum with its curved tread.  This curved tread provides a safe run because of its ergonomic design, that will help runners maintain a better posture, and do less damage on the ankles, knees, and hips.  Trust me, most of the population simply cannot run on a traditional treadmill for consecutive days without experiencing some joint pain. 

One of the coolest features of the Skill Mill is that you can get a higher level of personalization with this machine.  Its unique frame will allow you to target different movements to strengthen, melt fat, and escalate your endurance level. 

Users can mimic the popular sled push, sled pulls, sprints, and interval runs all on one piece of equipment.  The low impact on the joints will allow people to achieve the high intensity they are looking for while performing exercises to their own comfort levels and beyond.  So ditch the speed increments from a regular treadmill and try keeping up with a pace you set, and you will feel the immediate difference.  

These types of "cardio pieces" are the wave of the future for fitness equipment companies, as well as the brands they will provide services for.  Our own Low Impact High Intensity Workouts will only use motor-less cardio, and you will see that BodyBurn By Ray is the leader in the movement to help people exercise with less impact on the joints utilizing equipment like the skill mill.


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