Think small steps to get motivated

By Meg Caprio

We are constantly bombarded with motivational quotes on social media and in marketing. And while we see these quotes everywhere, we know that all the quotes in the world won't get you moving or push you harder while you're working out. We can have positive and negative motivation. Some folks are driven by revenge or anger and some by happy, upcoming events. I find having lots of small goals to be helpful in motivating myself. Planning helps!  Small, short term goals are stepping stones to larger goals. So if my larger goals are feeling better in a swimsuit on vacation or performing better in an upcoming race.. the smaller goals of making more informed choices nutritionally or lifting a little heavier in class will move me in the right direction.

So when you are in class and can give 100% for just a few seconds longer, you might be able to add a few seconds every time and before you know it... your fitness goals are falling into place.  Think of your goals in class, like reaching higher on the rope pull, keeping your chest close on the rock wall, getting another rep in during resistance work. They add up! And don't forget, your trainers are giving you some added motivation too....


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