Top 5 tips to staying in shape while on vacation

By Ray Peleckas

We've all done it - planned a vacation and the months or weeks leading up to the trip we work very hard to look and feel our best only to completely let it all go once we are on vacation. For me, if I know a trip is coming up in 4 or 8 or 12 weeks, I start getting ready immediately. This means my workouts are more frequent and more intense. I pay more attention to my carbohydrate consumption usually doing a carb cycle. I will not eat past 6pm. My water intake increases and I limit alcohol consumption. These are all things that get me to look and feel my best as quick as possible.

Once I'm on vacation I do the complete opposite of all these things and return home feeling unmotivated. My thought process has been, "Well, I can eat poorly,  not workout, drink alcohol and eat all day cuz I'm on vacation and I'll get back on track once I get home." The thing is, it's not that easy to get back on track! Sometimes it takes days or weeks or even months to find your groove. Now, when I go on vacation I follow these 5 easy tips to help me stay on track and feel empowered when I return. 

  1. Workout each morning for a minimum of only 20 minutes. This will not only crank up your metabolic rate but it will set the tone for you to make better choices throughout the day. Go for a run, body weight circuit in the hotel room, lift weights, if available, ANYTHING! Stay active!

  2. Eat a healthy breakfast immediately after your workout. Now you will have done 2 positive and productive tasks before starting the day! This will catapult into more positive and productive tasks. My go to breakfast on vacation is steak and eggs with a side of fruit and coffee. Skip the hash browns!

  3. Save the alcohol for the evening. This one may be tough so it might require a little mental toughness. It's no secret that once the alcohol starts to flow the poor choices start happening. So try to limit the time frame during which we are susceptible to making bad choices.

  4. Travel with people who take their health and wellness seriously. If you surround yourself with like minded individuals you're more apt to motivate each other and make better choices together. The power of people is an amazing tool. Same goes for the opposite, if you're traveling with people who don't want to wake up and workout and eat decent, odds are you will fall into that trap.

  5. Enjoy one bad meal each night! Use this as your motivation to get through the day. Know that you have a reward coming if you make it through the day. 

Follow these 5 tips and you will return feeling proud and accomplished, I guarantee it.

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