Top of the Morning

By James Peleckas

Frequency is major key. To break it down even further, I believe morning workouts are also key. A one hour workout equates to 4% of the day so we all have the time if we're willing to put in the effort. Make the decision and hit it hard first thing.

Wake up a bit earlier to start the day off in a productive fashion. You'll feel accomplished and set the tone for your day. Aside from the positive mental effects, you'll boost your metabolism and ultimately burn more calories throughout the day. You'll notice an energy boost, elevated mood, and an overall better sense of well being. You will also have more energy first thing in the morning. We may feel tired, but our bodies are ready. Lastly, the early morning workout will eliminate a chance of missing a workout due to a long day at work, or feeling too tired, or any other potential road block/excuse.


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