Understanding Your Body Type

By Andrew Myers

When it comes to exercising and setting certain goals it is important to first understand what body type you have. There are three different body types and based on what body type you have, that will affect how easily you can gain muscle or lose fat. As we know, everyone’s body is different and some people respond to certain styles of training better than others.


The first body type that I will talk about is the Ectomorph body type. This body type tends to be leaner with longer appendages, but can be a tough body type to build muscle. Ectomorphs need to have a very efficient weight training program in order to effectively put on size as it can be more challenging with this body type. Ectomorphs need a program designed around different rep ranges that focus on muscular hypertrophy. It is important for Ectomorphs to consume a greater number of calories as they tend to genetically have fast metabolisms.


The second body type is Endomorph. Being an Endomorph means you store body fat more easily than an ectomorph. People of this body type tend to be bigger, and have higher body fat composition. Endomorphs need to be very careful when it comes to their nutritional choices and daily caloric intake as they tend to store more body fat. Higher rep ranges focusing on volume and cardio should be implemented regularly to keep body fat levels lower.


The last body type that I will talk about is mesomorph. Being a mesomorph means you are genetically well built even without much weight training experience. These people are able to gain muscle at a faster rate than any other body type. Mesomorphs tend to be more muscular with fast metabolisms to match.

It is important to understand that these three main body types are not set in stone, you can have certain characteristics and fall “in between body types”. Any body type can put on muscle mass or fat mass depending on their activity level. Understanding what body type you have will allow you to be better set up when it comes to creating an exercise routine and how your body typically responds to certain styles of training.

The Importance of Recovery

No matter what body type you have sleep is going to be one of the biggest factors when it comes to building muscle, your body needs to rest following strenuous physical activity to repair the muscle fibers that have just been broken down during exercise.

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