Who is Ray Peleckas? Part 1 of 2

By Ray Peleckas, Founder

Who is Ray Peleckas to you? To many he's a successful (or maybe scary!) trainer from Boston who transforms bodies and owns his own fitness studio, BodyBurn by Ray. However, as Ray explains below, the path to success was not exactly easy for him...

I grew up in Foxbourough, Massachusetts, and was commonly caught up in bloody fist fights, either defending myself or my younger siblings. The fights continued and escalated from middle until high school.  I began to build a reputation for myself throughout school and amassed a handful of suspensions along the way. I realized I needed to get out of Foxbourough.  So going in to my senior year, I decided to fully focus on football in an effort to land a football scholarship for college and leave town.

Everything was working out the way I wanted, until December of my senior year. A fellow student picked a fight with me in the lunch line and I ended the fight with a single punch, leaving the other student to suffer a seizure. The actual punch itself happened so quickly.  As I was standing over that poor kid while he was thrashing around, the guilt and remorse overwhelmed me, and that’s when my life slowed down before my very eyes and I knew I was screwed.  I knew that I had just messed up any chance I had for getting out of this town.

After months of court trials, lawyers and lawsuits, I was finally sentenced to 30 days in jail, with 6 months house arrest, and a 2 year probation. While my friends graduated from high school and were having the summer of their lives, I was stuck in a gym-like jail, looking forward to the one hour a day I had to play basketball.

During my strict probation, I was accepted to Fitchburg State College to play Football. I decided to go, but I knew i'd be tempted to go out if I stayed there full time.  So every weekend, I skipped out on college parties and drove an hour home. At this point in my life, I thought maybe I could flip the script.  If I just kept my head down, stayed out of trouble and did what needed to be done, then maybe I could get back on track.  In general, I’m a pretty positive guy.  The glass is half full kind of mentality.  But then Thanksgiving break happened.  While playing a friendly game of backyard football with my old high school friends, I severely injured myself, tearing my ACL in half. Instantly, I know i'll never be able to play football competitively again. So much for remaining positive and changing the path of my life….

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