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All Fitness Levels

Since these pieces don't have a motor—you are the motor! The user is in complete control of the intensity and challenge of their workout. Thus, our group classes can accommodate all levels of fitness.


Unlike typical cardio equipment  many of our dynamic cardio pieces utilize upper body strength for the aerobic workout to give you a total body workout.

Jacobs Ladder

This motor-less ladder workout utilizes low impact, high range of motion to provide an intense total body workout.


The natural vertical climbing motion provides a challenging cardio experience that engages all major muscle groups with zero impact on your joints.

Assault Air Runner

On the Assault Air Runner the user does all the work as their is no motor. The curved surface promotes perfect form and efficient running

Ski Erg

This full­-body, impact­-free workout simulates the poling motions of skiing, and simulates a resistance similar to snow.

Assault Airbike

The Airbike uses air resistance to challenge the biker. The harder you push, pull, and pedal the greater the resistance and intensity.

Pain-Free Cardio

Our unique low-impact cardio machines are easy on the joints and tough on calories, giving you all the gains with none of the pains.

Move beyond treadmills and rowing machines to diverse cardio machines that will test you in new and exciting ways.

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