Vanessa Black


I am originally from South Florida and love bringing the “heat” into every class I teach!

I grew up in athletics; I did competitive dancing for 18+ years and cheerleading through college. I worked in several fitness facilities in both Florida and Boston and taught Zumba for about 5 years and currently teach trampoline bounce and pom cardio classes at BarreGroove.

Fitness has always been a part of my life! I have a passion for helping people accomplish their fitness goals and love music! I work hard to make sure I bring a “Banger” playlist into every class I teach.

I can honestly say, Burnin by Ray is not your ordinary workout! I love the low impact approach with exercises that change every month. It allows your body to avoid hitting plateaus and you continually see amazing results! When I did standard HIIT workouts, the classes would be too intense that my body’s stress levels would cause a rise in cortisol, diminishing my gains and even causing weight gain. The Low Impact system Ray has created does the complete opposite and my body loves it!

When I am not working out or teaching classes, I am working at Massachusetts General Hospital. I love helping people both medically and physically.




Ice Cream


I taught barre to Miami Dolphins NFL players in high school and taught a dance routine to Jason Taylor for season 6 of Dancing with the Stars.