The tailored attention of a personal trainer, the energy of group fitness, and the comfort of home.


Personal Coaching

for Everyone

Unlike most livestream classes, we use two-way communication so that our instructors can give each class member personalized advice and motivation through the camera.


Maximize Your Time

24 minutes. That's all we need to give you a jolt of energy that you need to stay physically, mentally, and psychologically fit while stuck at home.

Reenergize your Daily Routine

Our workouts are designed to be low-impact, high-intensity, which means you can kick your butt today and come back again tomorrow no problem.

Professionally Produced Videos

To give our instructors more time to coach, we have recorded hours and hours of workouts that you can follow along to, easily ensuring proper form.

Give it a Try Today

Jump into one of our regularly scheduled livestream classes and have some fun!

WARNING: our classes are highly addictive, so be prepared to come back for more.