Unlimited Small Group Strength Training

Unlimited Group Interval Training

No contract, no commitment

Valid for first-time clients only.

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Uniquely Safe Cardio

Our unique low-impact cardio machines are easy on the joints and tough on calories, giving you all the gains with none of the pains.

Move beyond traditional treadmills and rowers to diverse cardio machines where YOU are the motor.

Boredom-proof Workouts Drop Every Month

We re-program our workouts every month to prevent boredom, overtraining and risk of injury.


Don't fret about learning new moves—video screens around the studio provide demonstrations and our trainers are there to motivate and coach to ensure proper form.

Personal Attention

Because you deserve it. Stop wandering around the free weights section at other gyms and start working with experts who can help you crush your goals.

Boston's top trainers will coach and fist-pump you through class so that when you leave here you're feeling like a million bucks.


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Private Training Has Never Been So Affordable

Good luck finding top-tier small group personal training led by expert trainers for less than this!

Personal training doesn't have to break the bank. Try it for a month. We guarantee you'll feel great.

All the Gains Without the Pains

Our Small Groups are LITT. That extra T isn't a typo, it means Low Impact Tension Training. Our methods focus on a muscle's time under tension, not necessarily the amount of weight you're lifting. You don't need to lift heavier to get stronger.

Our groups are also lit in case you were wondering.


personal training

As Good as it Gets

Personal Training at BBR is the premier fitness experience in greater Boston. You get custom-planned 1-on-1 training sessions with seasoned experts in the field who have one goal in mind: your goals. If you're looking to change your life, look no further.



Nanny, early 20's

BBR provides a solid base for me: good friends, healthy lifestyle and environment, and community. I learned everything I could possibly know about my body through my Bod Pod assessment and movement screen, and am now able to fuel myself appropriately.



Stay-at-home mom, mid 40's

I met with Rich for a Bod Pod assessment and my body fat was at 32%. Today, it’s at 23%. My new goal is 19%!


I feel fantastic and still can’t believe my new body!



Business executive, mid 50's

I was able to workout within their programmed group classes and tailor the workout to my own needs... and there’s a certain level of passion and energy unlike any other.


We have been fortunate to be featured by the following companies and were recently awarded Best of Boston.

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