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Personal Training 3 Pack

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Your first 3 one-on-one sessions with us are half the normal price! Feel and see the difference of being motivated and coached by a fitness expert without breaking the bank.

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Real Results From a Real Member

Here's what Nicole has to say about training with James, one of our best:
"James has been pivotal in the success of reaching my fitness goals. He created a training program specific to my goals; to get toned and lean. With his guidance, I achieved fitness targets in less time than I anticipated. James is knowledgeable and approached my fitness program strategically to achieve results."

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More Results!

Kellie has been doing virtual Personal Training with us with great success:
"I’ve been working with Ray virtually for almost 4 months now and with a loss of over 40lbs!

Ray taught me how to make educated decisions with what to eat and did so in a way that was easy to adjust to and worked with my life. Then we added Burnin by Ray workout videos to the routine creating new fitness goals, pushing me to another level.

Working with Ray is truly a lifestyle change! There’s no diet to cheat on because I know the benefits of burning calories and fueling my body in a healthy way. Thank you for being innovative during quarantine, it changed my life!"

Let's Get to Work!


Results may vary

why try

personal training?


Picture this: for a full hour there is a fitness professional focused completely on helping you through a customized plan.
Compare that to wandering around the free weights section of a gym for an hour.
Get the picture?
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One of the biggest struggles with working our regularly is accountability and discipline. Most of us need to be accountable to someone else to stay committed to our goals.
Well, you and your trainer will be partners. And you can bet that we'll keep you accountable!


Don't sweat a crowd when you get back into your fitness routine. Step into a safe one-on-one session to get started.
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burnin' by ray

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Personal Training Reopens in Massachusetts

We were founded on personal training, and now we're getting back to our roots to provide socially-distanced one-on-one fitness.


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